Liangmu Logo

● Green leaf is the smallest symbol of life, also the enviromental sign. smooth lines show the combination of opportunities and inspirations. people will feel change, intelligence and flying from light green to deep green.

● Combine the phoenix and paulownia tree leaf artfully as the logo, which shows the paulowia tree bright life and beautiful legend between the phoenix and paulownia tree.

Liangmu Implication

● It comes from the book of Eastern Zhou Dynasty which said” good wood will not be decayed in the cliff, nice sword will not be in the sheath for ever”, implies that absorbing the spirits from the heaven and earth, growing healthily, progressing bravely, achieving the great success.

● It is a similar pronunciation to “liang mou” which comes from the book of Master Sun’s art of war meaning that to win enemy, the best way is using tactics, the good way is using diplomacy, the bad way is resorting to the force, the worst way is attacking cities. Liangmu implies good plan, shows the enterprise culture of technology, wisdom,art and practice.


Making employees happy physically and mentally ,Creating values for the society


Building Liangmu for century Creating the classic brand

Value concept

Reward the world with credit


Stable, Deep, Careful

Four Magic Weapons

Quality, Price, Leadtime, Service

Two Focuses

Focus on communication, Focus on keeping improvements

Three No.1

Customers, No.1

Employees, No.1

Cash flow, No.1