How to choose a solid wood table?

How to choose and buy solid wood diningtable.

To check whether the paint film on the surface of the solid wood dining table is smooth and bright; with or without bubbles,wrinkles, broken defects and other quality defects; hether the edge sealingtreatment of each part is tight and straight; whether there is degumming,whether the surface is smooth and smooth,; whether there are bumps or not; whetherthe color difference of the table top is large; if it is solid wood, there will be acertain color difference. Whether the pattern is consistent or not, it isdifficult for pure solid wood to be consistent.


Whether the workmanship of solid wood dining tablesand chairs is fine or not, which can be observed from thecombination part, say whether the structure of solid wood dining tables andchairs is reasonable and whether the frame is correct and firm.
The overall structure of furniture, each connection point, includinghorizontal, vertical connection points must be close, there should be no gaps, shouldn’tbe loose.
The service life of furniture is closely related to the high quality ofhardware connectors, the tightness of hardware itself determines the overalltightness of furniture.

Furniture should not only be beautiful, but also practical. The size of the furniture conforms to the ergonomic principle and theprescribed size determines whether the furniture is convenient to use.


Environmental protection.
Solid wood dining table is deeply loved by consumers because of its naturalmaterial, environmental protection and health. Choose and buy solid wooddining table, the painting could be varnish or woodwax oil if considering environmental protection.

Varnish and wood wax oil are suitable forall kinds of solid wood materials, and wood wax oil is higher than varnish inenvironmental protection grade.

Before buying a solid wood table, we have to determine how big our dining areais, so that we can better determine the size and shape of it.
The long solid wood dining table requires a larger dining area, the round onefeels relatively smaller, and the folding one is more flexible.


When buying solid wood tables, we should also combine the overall style of our diningroom decoration to decide. Considering to the positioning of the whole decorationstyle, to choose a solid wood table, I believe that your restaurant will be a scenicline.

Compared with the man-made panel type, solid wood is more healthy and environmentally friendly,which is in line with the current concept of people pursuing healthy atmosphere. Onone hand, we should enjoy the experience of using furniture; on the other hand,we should know how to use it correctly and try our best to prolong the servicelife of furniture.

Post time: Dec-20-2022