How to choose solid wood child bed?

1. The wood of the bed must be good. The high-quality solid wood should be selected. The high-quality solid wood has natural color and clear wood grain. The use of good raw materials can make the bed structure firm and enhance its bearing capacity. Pay attention to selecting a bed with guardrails, smooth corners and no burrs.

2. Sense of comfort. The hardness and softness of the bed should be appropriate, so that the sleep quality of the child can be guaranteed. The reasonable bed size should be selected, and the size of the child's body and the arrangement and configuration of the bedroom space as well. The structure of the bed should be conformed to the principles of ergonomics.

3. Environmental protection. Environmental protection is also an important aspect to pay attention to. Natural logs have a fragrance, which is good for human health. The paint used after processing should not contain any toxic substances harmful to human health, and should be free of peculiar smell.


Post time: Jan-10-2023