Solid white oak environment friendly student desk with adjustable height

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Description: Solid white oak environment friendly student desk with adjustable height is made of North American FAS grade white oak , durable.
wood: white oak
Color: natural
Size: 750*660*950mm ok to be customized
Function: office study

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With the growth of children ,the desk height is enough to be adjusted to fit.You can adjust the right height following your own needs during different age, learning and work is no longer troubled by desk height. Student desk is like a good friend with the child growth.

Environmentally friendly student desk made from solid white oak with a rounded corner on the top, suitable for elderly people and children. Strong leg design increases stability, allowing children to play freely. Exquisite sanding process, with 18 lacquer surface sanding processes, smooth feel. Using Japan F4 star grade of paint, safe and no odour. Free movement of books cabinet can store a variety of sizes of books at your will. More combination will make your loved children like making arrangements.

With 38 years of experience, Liangmu is a professional manufacturer of mid- to high-end solid wood furniture. To meet your diverse needs, we can customise eco-friendly furniture in a range of prices, materials and sizes.

Product Specification

size wood paint function
750*680*1000mm white oak NC study
780*660*950mm walnut PU entertainment
780*683*1000mm white ash oil treatment life
780*500*1200mm plywood AC

A good student desk, in addition to the practical function, but also to consider the use of comfort, comfortable height, reduce the arm hanging or bending over, care for the spine. The desk height is adjustable and both hands and feet can be positioned comfortably. It is also a piece of furniture that should be considered by the space to be used. There should be enough space on the desk for normal books and stationery. On the other hand, it is a desk that may become a computer desk in a few years' time. For different needs, useful for the creation of your own study room.

Product Features

Material preparation→Planning→Edge gluing→Profiling→Drilling→Sanding→Base priming→Top coating→Assembly→Packaging

Inspection for raw materials:
If the sample inspection is qualified, fill in the inspection form and send it to the warehouse; if it fails, send it back immediately.

Inspection in processing:
Mutual control between each process, with immediate return to the previous process in the event of failure. During the production process, the QC department carries out inspections and spot checks at each workshop. Apply a test assembly of the unfinished product to confirm that it has been correctly machined and is accurate, then paint it.

Inspection at finishing and packaging:
Once the parts have been fully inspected, they are ready for assembly and packaging. Piece checking before packing and random checking after packing.
Filing all documents to inspect and amend, etc.

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