Solid white oak modern contracted dressing table, big table top and mirror, grooved handle, big draw

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Description: Solid white oak dark stained dressing table is a modern contracted dressing table for bedroom, combined with modern aesthetics, it abandons complexity but follows up simplicity, not superfluous.
Species: white oak
Color: Dark stained
Size: 1200*400*1500mm(customizable)
Function: bedroom, dress up

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The implicit and introverted contained in the product can go through the years of training. The sundries could be put randomly on the big table top and you can flexibly achieve the continuous extension of space. The grooved handle design is simple, practical and save space.

Solid white Oak dark stained dressing table is a modern simplified dresser. The large desktop is made of entire long pieces wood strips edged glued , the surface is flat, and not easy to deform. The corners are designed with arc profiles, which is beautiful and generous, which are fulfilled by polished several times. The curvature is natural and beautiful, and it is safer to touch. The double-opening drawer is equipped with a partition baffle, and the internal area is freely divided and finely divided, and the storage is more organized and arbitrary. High-definition wide mirror gives a clear image, welcome you every morning. There is enough room for legs, which allows you to stretch freely when applying makeup. High-quality stainless steel silent slides make pull and push smoothly, so that life won’t be disturbed.

Liangmu is a professional manufacturer of mid-to-high-end wood furniture with a long history of 38 years, we can customize environmentally friendly furniture at different prices, materials and specifications to meet your various needs.

Product Specification

Size Species Finishing function
1200*400*1500mm white oak NC clear lacquer bedroom
black walnut PU lacquer work
white ash wood wax oil study
pine AClacquer

FAS grade white oak imported from North America, its wood grain is beautiful, shiny, delicate and less knots, it is cut to full length to edge glued horizontally, we abandon veneer lamination and finger joint panel, it is made by strictl environmental protection standards, through dozens of open coating processes, it is environmental friendly and healthy, no peculiar smell, compliant with EU environmental protection standards, without formaldehyde pollution, which can be used for pregnant women and infants. It has natural wood grains, showing a smooth touch connected with nature.

Large high-definition mirror gives high-clear image, can also be used as a full-length mirror at long-distance. Large-capacity storage drawers makes you are away of mess and a delicate woman. Solid wood legs offer strong bearing capacity, grooved handle is simple and practical.

Product Features

Materials preparation→Planing→edge gluing→profiling→drilling→sanding→base primed→top coating→assembly→packaging

Inspection for raw materials:
If the sampling inspection is qualified, fill in the inspection form and send it to the warehouse; Directly return if failed .

Inspection in processing:
Mutual inspection between each process, directly returned to the previous process if failed. During the production process, QC conducts inspections and sampling inspections of each workshop. Apply test assembly of unfinished products to confirm the correct processing and accuracy, then paint afterwards.

Inspection at finishing and packaging:
After parts finished are fully inspected, they are assembled and packaged. Piece by piece inspection before packaging and random inspection after packaging.
File all inspection and modifying documents in record, etc.

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