Douglas fir full louver bifold door, hinged

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Description: These bifold doors are in beautiful design, practical and convenient, can be used as open kitchen doors, storage room doors, closet doors, and laundry as well as pass-through areas.
Species: red oak/hemlock/ douglas fi
Color: natural/primed
Size: 2032*610/762/914*34.5mm
Function: partition

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They are ventilated, shaded, and lighted, showing multiple indoor space, adding interest and sensory enjoyment to your home life!

Douglas fir full louver folding door, which is classic and fashionable, its horizontal lines break the monotonous layout form, we carefully selected environmentally friendly materials,it is refined by multi-process. The foldable design saves indoor space; It is made of the imported Douglas fir selected, the wood texture is delicate and well moisture-proof, corrosion-resistant and easy to clean. In winter, sunlight can be introduced to make the room bright and warm; in summer, it can block strong sunlight while ensuring ventilation so as air in the room is fresh and cool. It follows the home decoration style of Europe and the United States for hundreds of years, with natural beauty and wide practicality.

Liangmu is a professional manufacturer of mid-to-high-end wood furniture with a long history of 38 years. We can customize environmentally friendly furniture at different prices, materials and specifications can be applied to meet your various needs.

Product Specification

Size Species Finishing function
34.5*610*2032mm red oak NC lacquer partition
34.5*762*2032mm MDF primed ventilation
34.5*914*2032mm douglas fir Unfinished

This louver bifold door has a pretty design, can be folded to save space, and has various uses. It can be used as a room door or a passage partition, which can be ventilated and protected from light. Various colors and sizes can be selected according to different needs, and it is also a good choice for interior decoration.

Product Features

Materials preparation→Planing→edge gluing→profiling→drilling→sanding→base primed→top coating→assembly→packaging

Inspection for raw materials:
If the sampling inspection is qualified, fill in the inspection form and send it to the warehouse; Directly return if failed .

Inspection in processing:
Mutual inspection between each process, directly returned to the previous process if failed. During the production process, QC conducts inspections and sampling inspections of each workshop. Apply test assembly of unfinished products to confirm the correct processing and accuracy, then paint afterwards.

Inspection at finishing and packaging:
After parts finished are fully inspected, they are assembled and packaged. Piece by piece inspection before packaging and random inspection after packaging.
File all inspection and modifying documents in record, etc.

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