Light luxury American style solid wood upholstery double bed with storage

Short Description:

Description: American light luxury solid wood bed, selected high-quality rubber wood, hard and firm corrosion-resistant, uniform wood structure, delicate feel, soft and constant color
wood: rubber wood
Species: bed slats:radiate pine from New zealand
Color: black walnut colout
Size: 2000*1800*1500mm ok to be customized
Function: Paint/Saconstructure: KD, upholsterynyu , glue/German Henkle

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Product Description

Full feel of upholstery, filled with high density sponge, good resilience, give you a back comfortable contact, help you release body pressure, relieve fatigue.Bed made of full solid wood,stable and good for heavy loadability.

American light luxury upholsterd solid wood bed, good resilience, comfortable sleeping, can release the physical and mental pressure for you for a whole day, select high-quality rubber wood, no cracking, no deformation.Natural raw materials, long service life, strong and stable, safe without odor.Three colors can be selected.

Liangmu is a professional manufacturer of middle to high end solid wooden furniture with a long history of 38 years. We can customize environment friendly furniture with different prices, different materials and different sizes to meet your diversified needs.

Product Specification

size wood coating constructure
2000*1800*1100mm white oak oil treatment frame
2000*1500*1080mm black walnut PU box
2000*1200*1080mm rubber wood NC air pressure

The overall beautiful and generous, lying comfortable, fine hand grinding and round without burr.A bed, three kinds of structure, can be done as a frame structure, box structure, air pressure structure.

Product Features

Materials preparation→Planing→edge gluing→profiling→drilling→sanding→base primed→top coating→assembly→packaging

Inspection for raw materials:
If the sampling inspection is qualified, fill in the inspection form and send it to the warehouse; Directly return if failed.

Inspection in processing:
Mutual inspection between each process, directly returned to the previous process if failed. During the production process, QC conducts inspections and sampling inspections of each workshop. Apply test assembly of unfinished products to confirm the correct processing and accuracy, then paint afterwards.

Inspection at finishing and packaging:
After parts finished are fully inspected, they are assembled and packaged. Piece by piece inspection before packaging and random inspection after packaging.
File all inspection and modifying documents in record, etc.

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