Solid Birch antique dining table and chairs, restrained version

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Description: This solid birch antique dining table and chair dark stained is a restrained version of upholstered chairs for restaurant
Species: Birch
Color: Dark stained
Size: Chair size: 430/450*450*850/870mm(customizable) Table size: 1400/1600*720/800*750㎜
Function: dining-work-study

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Product Description

The dining chair is ergonomically designed, it is particularly comfortable to sit up, it can eliminate the fatigue of the whole day, and give your leisure ,warmth and comfort when dining.

This product is made of solid birch, and its exquisite design combined with the antique tones makes it look generous, natural, and not pretentious. The arc design of the corners reduces the chance of bumping! The color of table top is pure and bright, showing an antique charm.

This antique restrained dining table and chairs. With the luxurious pattern, the antique style is widely spread all over the world. Today, more and more simple styles have gradually replaced the original complex styles. In response to the current development trend, Liangmu has carefully researched and developed light-luxury European-style furniture which is restrained and stylish, contains classic elements, moving towards for younger, more cost-effective and more enjoyable light-luxury life.

Liangmu is a professional manufacturer of mid-to-high-end wood furniture with a long history of 38 years, we can customize environmentally friendly furniture at different prices, materials and specifications to meet your various needs.

Product Specification

Size Species Finishing function
430/450*450*850/870mm Birch PU PU lacquer study
1400/1600*720/800*750㎜ Birch PU PU lacquer living
Black walnut, white oak wood wax oil Children's chair
Bent wood AC lacquer

The dining table is one of the essential furniture in our life, because three meals a day are inseparable from the dining table. While we know that the styles, materials and styles of modern dining tables are also diverse. According to the different styles of restaurant decoration, to choose the most suitable solid wood dining table and chairs to make your life more elegant, environmentally friendly and healthy.

Product Features

Materials preparation→Planing→edge gluing→profiling→drilling→sanding→base primed→top coating→assembly→packaging

Inspection for raw materials:
If the sampling inspection is qualified, fill in the inspection form and send it to the warehouse; Directly return if failed .

Inspection in processing:
Mutual inspection between each process, directly returned to the previous process if failed. During the production process, QC conducts inspections and sampling inspections of each workshop. Apply test assembly of unfinished products to confirm the correct processing and accuracy, then paint afterwards.

Inspection at finishing and packaging:
After parts finished are fully inspected, they are assembled and packaged. Piece by piece inspection before packaging and random inspection after packaging.
File all inspection and modifying documents in record, etc

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